In our 2nd episode of Your Kid's a Furry?  Congrats!, we talk a little about some terms that parents and new furries should be aware of when delving into the fandom. See the entire list below!

Don't Be Scared, Be Aware - The Glossary

SFYF (Safe for Young Furries)? A Glossary of NSFW Terms


This list is not intended to scare anyone away from the fandom. In fact, this list would not exist without the input many helpful Furries. 

~This glossary is not a complete listing of all potentially inappropriate terms and many terms/symbols are not Furry-specific. Foster good communication with your Young Furries and teach them to protect themselves!~ 



ABDL is an abbreviation for Adult Baby Diaper Love. It can refer to someone who wants to take care of someone or be taken care of by someone. It can also refer to a fetish that is not SFYF. Crinkle is a term associated with ABDL, it mainly refers to the sound a diaper makes.


This stands for After Dark. Some adult accounts on Twitter use this to signal the account is not SFYF. Anything tagged with AD is adults only.

age play

Ageplay or age play refers to a type of role-playing in which an individual acts or treats another as if they were a different age. It usually involves consenting adults. It can be sexual or non-sexual.

alt furries/furry raiders

Both groups have been known to try and connect with Young Furries. They are extremists and they push their beliefs on more vulnerable Furries.

artists to avoid

Slugbox, Zaush, Immelmann, Tydrian


This is a tricky one. It could be a synonym for Young Furry, or it could refer to someone wanting to contact Young Furries because they are sexually attracted to children.

**UPDATE** We were given more information regarding babyfurs and cubs. Please read the direct quote from a friend in the fandom:

"Babyfur: Simply describes a furry who is also an AB/DL, NOT describing someone's attraction to kids. AB/DL's have been fighting against this creepy classification for as long as we've existed, and we have a word to describe people who are attracted to kids, and that word is PEDOPHILE. Almost all babyfurs have no patience for these creeps.

Cub: Can be substituted for Babyfur, but is sometimes used in a more suggestive context. Can still be innocent though if that is how some people choose to identify themselves!"

bad dragon/frisky beasts

These are both Adult-Only websites.


BL is an abbreviation for Boy Love, GL is for Girl Love. This can be SFYF but can also refer to adult content. 


This one may sound more familiar than some. It stands for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism.


CL is an abbreviation for Child Love. It most likely is not SFYF and could even mean child pornography. 


This can mean child pornography. 

dating sim

Gaming specific. 


These stand for Daddy Dom Little Girl/Boy, Mommy Dom Little Girly/Boy. This refers to BDSM relationships but may or may not involve sex. Overall, not SFYF.

dm/direct messages

DMs can be dangerous for young Furries, as with any online messaging.


This is a site that is NOT for young furries. Adult content only.


This is frequently used a slang in Japanese, referring to playful sexual actions. 


There are several emojis and symbols that signal specific non SFYF activities and interests. We will add some to the glossary soon.

expansion/inflation art

Fetish related, body parts are inflated to unrealistic, seemly painful point. 


Short for fetish list.


These are slurs that are used by those not SFYF.


Although this simply means two-person, it can refer to sexual activities.


Can refer to a fetish involving anything gory.


Erotic art.


Not always sexual but hyper means to be excessively endowed to the point of ridiculous and unrealistic proportions.


This is a site that allows child pornography. 


NOT SFYF. Very sexual, fetish related.


A common non-SFYF term. Not furry specific.


Fetish term, NOT SFYF

**UPDATE** We were given more information regarding littles. Please read the direct quote from a friend in the fandom:

"Littles: Is NOT fetish related (for the most part). Basically describes an AB/DL that also engages in age-play to help them "regress", or enter a younger state of mind for a variety of reasons."


This means young. It is sometimes used to refer to a fetish involving children.


Not Furry specific. Refers to a balloon fetish.


This means Minors Attracted Person, not SFYF. Keep in mind this is used for other terms (such as Multi-Animator Project), so context is important. 

mate (as in ‘to mate’)

This is an obvious one.


Refers to fetish involving either very small or very large partners. Can be a submissive/dominant relationship.


Very much what it sounds like. NSFW, definitely not SFYF.


MUCK stands for Multi User Created Kingdom or Multi User Chat Kingdom. All young Furries should be very cautious.


A murrsuit is one that is designed to be able to be worn during sex. Note: The word murr could be just saying someone is attractive. Context is key.


These are just descriptions of types of suits that tend to be used for 18+ activities.


Could refer to art showing people turning into plushies but could also refer to fetishes involving fursuits that are inescapable without help (trappable).

political accounts

They can get very dramatic and it is probably best just to avoid.

pup/kitten/human pup play

Pup or puppy play is when one participant takes on the role of a puppy or dog and the other takes on the role of the handler or trainer.

****UPDATE** We were given more information regarding puppy/kitten play. Please read the direct quote from a friend in the fandom:

" Pup/Kitten: 100% kink related. Not directly related to AB/DL and Babyfur, but there is some overlap in membership of these two groups occasionally."


RP refers to role-playing. Role-playing can be innocent but can also become not SFYF. It is important to stay in open forums and to know your moderators. Stay away from ERP (erotic role play) and DRP (dirty role play).

rule 34

Rule 34 is the idea that if something exists, there will be porn of it and anything goes. If something refers to Rule 34, or R34, it is not SFYF.

size play

A type of sexual activity or role-play.


Strategically Placed Holes.


Sequencing art that goes from human to anthro or reverse. May or may not be SFYF.


Trans slur. It used frequently in Anime.


Vore means to eat. In a fandom, it refers to a fetish that involves fantasies of eating others or being eaten. 


Involves urination. Not SFYF.


May or may not be SFYF. Refers to gay or lesbian.


There are many references, but all refer in some way to sexual activity.